2016 DATES
January: San Francisco
February: New York
March: The United Kingdom + Georgia + Ireland
April: Texas + Georgia
May: Washington, D.C + New York City
June: North Carolina + New York City + Lake Tahoe, California
July: Maryland + South Carolina
August: Upstate New York, Palm Springs, California + New York City
September: Chicago, Illinois + North Carolina + Iceland October: St. Louis, Missouri
November: Big Sur + Los Angeles California

2017 DATES
February: NYC, New York
April: Northern California
June: Atlanta, Georgia
July: Iceland + South Carolina
August: Montana
September: Colorado + Maryland
October: New Orleans, Louisiana + Georgia
November: Washington, DC
December: India

2018 DATES
January: Morocco + Portugal
March: Mexico
April: South Carolina
June: Iowa
October: New Hampshire

Hi, I’m Ash. I call Richmond, Virginia home, but I’m always only a plane ride away from anywhere on earth. I’m super grateful to get to document so many lovely stories for folks, and I love handstands, nuzzling my dog Apple’s belly, and spending time growing food + being around plants. I’m equally stoked for love stories in Virginia, as I am for those in India, so please don’t let a time change (or not) stop you from getting in touch.