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Love Session Tips

Let’s just hang out. Get to know each other. We don’t have to rush into anything here. It isn’t a big production. So free up an afternoon, maybe the last 2 hours before sunset on a windy Sunday, and we’ll go explore. Think about it as a customized Choose Your Own Adventure. Let’s pack some lunch and go hiking on the AT, or tubing down the James, or  some awesome idea you’ll come up with. We’ll avoid the places you’ve seen in all your friend’s Save the Dates. It is not about the background.  I wont tell you to stand with your right foot out in front, drape your fingers on his left shoulder while looking longingly into the future. It’s not about the poses. Let me suggest you do not wear matching outfits. Wear your favorite shoes. Not the ones you haven’t worn even once because you are saving them for something special- the ones you wore all last summer that smell a little funky and you can climb rocks in, jump in puddles in, and walk comfortably in. Wear something you feel incredible in. Maybe you bring an incredible felt hat, or a beautiful scarf, but don’t bring 5 different outfits- this really isn’t about the clothes. No need to bring parasols, or record players, or cute straws to drink out of, or picnic baskets. It’s not about props and themes. It is ALL about you two. It is about your love. I’ll have you make out in front of me and get silly- we’ll make some great images you can post on Facebook, bind into a guest book for your wedding, and send to Grandma with a handwritten card. It is about feeling lovely and being with the one you are going to MARRY. So let’s meet up for Happy Hour and then go find some woods to romp in while the sun gets all golden and gorgeous behind you lovers.

More Important Stuff

  • All your photos are delivered via an online gallery where you can share, download files, and make print purchases.
  • The online gallery is available within 2 weeks of your session.

I recommend booking your session 6-8 weeks before your wedding to ensure we have plenty of time to print any products you may want to display at your wedding. If you would like to use your photos for Save the Dates or announcements schedule 7-8 months before your wedding.

Additionally, it is SO important to me to recognize and acknowledge love stories come in every size, race, ethnicity, gender, tradition, and sexual identity. They are all equally worthy and incredible, and I want to photograph them all.