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No Travel Fees, Period.

Where are we going?! I love to travel. Add photographing smitten in love couples to the mix and I’m doing an awkward happy dance. So I don’t charge travel fees. If I want to fly first class to your Moroccan wedding I’ll foot that bill. If I want to arrive a week early and explore I’ll take care of that myself. If I want to rent a Mercedes over hopping in a taxi, or stay in the Ritz over a hostel I’ll cover it. I don’t think you should be line itemed for my expenses. You pay for photography, not my travel costs. (For what it’s worth, I’m much more of a hostel girl than a Ritz girl anyway.)


Destination Weddings

I married the love of my life in the fall of 2014, and it was incredible. We had a mini destination wedding, we promised to be there for each other for forever about 4 hours away from home on Patrick’s Aunt + Uncle’s farm in front of 45 of our nearest and dearest. I’m still not exactly sure what happened between re-joining our party after photos and my head hitting the pillow in our wedding tent some 8 hours later, but I’m pretty sure I got to talk with everyone, and give lots of hugs. Planning can get stressful, and sometimes seriously overwhelming, so keeping it smaller by planning a destination wedding can sometimes make it easier. It was so neat to be able to camp that night with friends, since everyone stayed on the farm rather than driving back home because we were further away. The next morning we had a big brunch with Patrick’s family, and it felt like so much more of an experience than just 4 hours on a Saturday. Since folks had to plan to stay overnight we were able to keep our guest list smaller and focus on what was super important to us, planning a celebration that felt inclusive and intimate. This all gets even more amplified when your friends and family hop on a plane with you- not only are you inviting them to your wedding, you are including them on this epic adventure to witness your love, to be there to support you two.


I’m A Story Teller, With Feet Like a Gypsy

I’m super grateful to work with couples who have a unique way of looking at the world.  Because of this, I’m stoked to offer travel services to couples that are planning a wedding outside of Richmond, VA.  Maybe your wedding is not even a destination for you, maybe it is your hometown- I’d love to explore it. I’ve yet to find a place I don’t want to travel to, so I’m comfortable booking flights, scouring hotels vs. hostels, and finding local eats.  I’ll make sure I get there in time to adjust for the altitude- you worry about all the other things to organize and people to herd. On your wedding day things tend to get chaotic (in a good way!) and I often hear the day was a blur from couples. So many parts of your day are just that- a day, you may take home flower arrangements, you may have leftover cake, but your photographs are for the future. Your photographs are the record. They are archival documents of history, as it happened.  Let me document those parts of your story, you just need to bask in the love of the day!  I can’t wait to work with you two recording the story of your love -wherever it may be.

Weddings are priced by the day, Monday- Thursday and Friday – Sunday, and by elopement or full wedding.  Get in touch and I’ll provide a quote for you based off what you are planning.

Additionally, it is SO important to me to recognize and acknowledge love stories come in every size, race, ethnicity, gender, tradition, and sexual identity. They are all equally worthy and incredible, and I want to photograph them all.