Following all standard traditions, I met up with Tiffany and Tim to start their wedding day at about 3am, near Lake Tahoe, California. Uhhh, actually their wedding was anything but traditional.

These two are incredible folks, and so naturally their celebration followed suit. Tim is an outdoor photographer, (he somehow manages to document rock climbers + epic landscapes with apparent ease) and he and Tiffany spend tons of their time exploring the peaks around their Lake Donner home. They reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to photograph their tiny ceremony (just the two of them, two siblings, and me!) at sunrise on Donner Summit, high above Truckee, California, and I likely squealed immediately. While I find joy in just about any wedding, it is the small ceremonies that really meet my heart.

Tim and his brother headed up through the dark and I hiked the trail behind them as they set out tiny LED candles to lead Tiffany up the way. Tiffany and her sister followed the trail of glowing lights to find the fellas waiting in the crisp blue light of early morning. Right as the sun breached the ridgeline they said their vows and started their most expansive adventure yet.

Later in the evening they gathered many more friends and family for dinner and dancing, right in their backyard. From sun up to sun down it was an excellent mix of a super intimate and small ceremony, with a joyous and big celebration.

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